My vision

A brief moment to explain my vision of the digital world around us.

"Just unique and always tailormade, be your digital self"

Visual identity is extremely important in our day and age, and a first step to achieve this is a good logo.

Whether it's a cute funny logo, a serious logo or an extremely simple logo. Brand recognition is always important!

I personally prefer simple elegant logo designs. With a powerful identity.

Obviously, the customer is always king and can follow the creative process to closely online.

I also deliver a printing service, I design based on your input the graphical part and find a suitable printshop. My aim here is to deliver you the final product with the best price/quality ratio possible.

For websites there are different approaches possible, everything is possible, really everything.

I mainly use the Drupal CMS for my web projects. Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System, which is extremely flexible and robust. The system is easy to extend from a simple blog to a fully featured webshop.

Known Drupal sites in Belgium are:,,,, and Not only for the small companies as you can see.
On an international scale Drupal sites include MTV UK, The White House, The Louvre and ING US.

You can safely entrust your website to me and the Drupal community.

And furthermore, I also give classes on digital media in general.

In a teaching possition, I try to bring forward the interactions possible in a classroom, trying to teach my students with a hand on approach.

Feel free to request a quote for a class in digital media.