My work method

Step 1: Determine your target audience.

This is probably the most important step. The first step in any project is this question: "who are your potential customers".

It's clear that any project, a print or a web project, requires a different approach if it's for a vacation home or let's say a financial institution.

Most people have a good sense of what they need, or think they have. I'm here to help, give guidance, but I will never impose my will. The client always has the last word, and I'm well known for my infinite patience.

Step 2: Determine the approach.

What I'll often ask you regarding this step, is, "what do you want your customers to feel?" Would you like them to laugh, give them a warm feeling inside? Whether you choose a tightly aligned, straight to the point approach or you may wish that they feel nothing, your project just needs to inform them as clearly as possible. As always, I will try to guide you as much as possible, but again you'll have the last word.

Step 3: The look and feel.

Once I know who our audience is and how we approach them. I start the design work, for this I use my 3-10 method.

You'll get three totally different initial designs and on those first three designs you may ask you up to 10 adjustments, this way we can work together for a maximal satifaction on your end. You'll be able to give me feedback regarding modifications and in case you don't like it at all, I'll just start over.

We'll do this untill we can establish a final draft.

In the rare case you'd need more than 10 iterations, it never happened before but you never know, that's also possible. But I will have to charge these additional adjustments per hour of extra work.

Step 4: Going Live.

This part is fairly straightforward for logos and print designs. I deliver you the images in the formats you need: vectors for the logos and hi-res PDFs for print jobs. For printing jobs I can also directly deliver the files to one of my printshops or to the one you're using ussually.

For websites, the going live part is a bit more complicated. Based on the previous steps I'll place the site on a test server. On this test version of the website you can again ask for up to 5 modifications. (Actually, I'm pretty flexible, but I have to set limits)

Once the site on the test server is approved, I move the site over to the production server.

Shortly afterwards you will receive an email with the link to the videos with explanations, in those video's I'll teach you, step by step, how to use your new site. Once you have finished adding the content, I will setup a google analytics and google webmaster tools account for indexing on their search engine.

A tip for websites: Try to work on the content while I'm working on the design part. This speeds up the process quite a lot.

If you have problems adding content, I can bring you in touch with my people. Maybe you need a copyrighter that will transform your message in an attractive text or maybe you need a professional photographer to take those product photos for your webshop, just ask me. I have a very large network of highly qualified people. (accountants, insurance brokers, lawyers, photographers, video professionals, musicians, copyrighters, corporate communications specialists, etc.)

Step 5: support afterwards.

I will not let you down once your project is finished, you can always ask for extra help. Maybe you need help with uploading that video on your site, or just maybe you want your logo in a different color for shirts, I'm a friendly guy.

Just ask, and if it is not too time-consuming, I help you probably further, for free.